The collective voice of BRiC


BRiC is unique in that it holds guided weekly discussions engaging its members in lively interactions that provide a platform to discuss the challenges we face as women living with breast cancer treatment effects. 

We have discussed over 100 topics richly varied, including work, diet, how to talk to children, anxiety, post traumatic stress and growth, depression, the meaning of life, secondary breast cancer, emotional suppression, chemo-brain, post-traumatic growth and finding happiness in the little things.

If you are a woman living in the UK with a diagnosis of breast cancer and you would like to join our private group, please contact us through our public facebook page: Centre for Building Resilience in Breast Cancer


Here is a full list of our discussions: #ResilienceDiscussions. Click on each one to take you to the summary.



Repression (or Avoiding)

Emotion suppression

Coping with anger about getting breast cancer

Can we talk about anger?

The impact of anger

Post traumatic stress disorder (and symptoms)

Coping with the experience of guilt

Dealing with guilt

Survivors guilt

Crying: does it have its benefits?

Grief and resilience: Experiencing grief in breast cancer

Dealing with fear of recurrence 

Coping with fear

Coping with fear 2


Calming Strategies for Anxiety


Lack of psychological support after diagnosis

Turning down the volume on cancer

Balancing positive and negative emotions

Finding happiness in the little things

Using adversity to grow in 'positive' ways

Post-traumatic Growth

Using our vulnerability to become stronger

Stepping stones towards resilience

Happiness: What is it and how can we find it? 


I'm Sorry



Impact of breast cancer treatment on our self-image

How does breast cancer impact on prorities and goals?

The wide awake club: Insomnia

Our sleep Struggles

How our body image changes after breast cancer diagnosis

The impact of breast cancer on our sexuality and intimacy

The impact of breast cancer on intimacy and relationships

How our breast cancer affects our partners

The impact of breast cancer on our families

Coping with fatigue: The hidden legacy of breast cancer

Breast cancer and its financial impact

Coping with the heat

Impact of breast cancer on our professional identity and workability 

How breast cancer impacts on our teenage children

Financial cost of breast cancer

The Positivity Cloak


How to live with cancer

Seeking perfection

Learning how to live a rich and meaningful life

Coping with work following a breast cancer diagnosis


Finding the new me

To plan or not to plan?

What does it mean to 'survive' breast cancer and be a breast cancer 'survivor'?

Improving physical health

Intimacy after breast cancer

Getting it right

Looking for love?

Back to work

Hopes and dreams

"Be positive"

Living well after breast cancer diagnosis

Coping with breast cancer news

Going back to work and workability

Physical activity and its benefits on managing breast cancer side effects

Art: Can art offer a pathway to resilience?

Cancer Anniversaries

Goal Setting

The New Normal

Can breast cancer ever be in the past?

Taking now the right time to be making changes

Fashion Tips

What lifts our spirits?

Thoughts and feelings that we are helpless

Building strength 

Coping with the January blues


HOW TO....

Cope with loss of a loved one to cancer

Cope with the loss of peers and friends to breast cancer

Cope with the loss of a friend or loved one (2)

Talk to children about our breast cancer

Talk to children about breast cancer (2)

Cope with caring for someone with breast cancer

Tell a friend newly diagnosed with breast cancer?

Help and understand our partner's Emotions and Anxieties

Come Out about Breast Cancer

Manage others' response and attitudes





Our hopes for the new year (2016 discussion)

Our favourite things

We are more than our breast cancer: Breast cancer doesn't define us

What would you say to yourself in a pre-cancer letter?

Our goals and aspirations

Introducing ourselves without mentioning cancer

Pinktober - are we more than just a pink ribbon?

Our BRiC private group values and expectations

"You are what others see in you"

Postcards from Within

Breast Cancer Awareness Month ~ this is what we think and how we feel

Stretching beyond my cancer

Were there moments in 2018 when you surprised yourself

Goal setting and beginning the new year (2019)

Our views about the privileges and challenges of aging

Our cancer doesn't define us



Anti-depressant use in cancer

The role of Diet

The role for support groups and organisations

A role for supplements post breast cancer diagnosis?

Getting practical information and support

Radiotherapy: Practical tips and more

Chemo-brain (1): Cancer, clumsiness and confusion

Chemobrain (2): Cancer, clumsiness and confusion

Chemobrain chaos (3)

Chemo Brain 4: The after effects of chemo on the brain

Chemo Brain Top Trumps!

Tamoxifen and its side effects

Hormone treatment brands



Supporting women with secondary breast cancer

Secondary Breast Cancer