We have reached out to so many women, including women with primary and secondary breast cancer!

Here are just a few of the voices of our incredible members!!

Marika: I will just say, this group is amazing. Full of amazing people who support each and every one of us. The discussions are brilliant as there is something for everyone. . .I love the group! I have recurrent breast cancer and am happy to not be anonymous! Xx

Caroline: This group stands out from other groups because it has an emphasis on building resilience by group support, sharing ideas which have helped others in developing resilience and just being there for the highs and lows of life with BC. As a secondary BC lady, I love the inclusiveness if this group – too often, secondary BC is shunted into its own group as if it is contagious! BC is all one disease and the emotional needs of primary and secondary ladies have more similarities than differences! I also like some of the academic bits Naz posts, I often cite them when a cancer muggle dares to tell me off for being a bit down!! You have to feel the lows too, it’s not normal to be chirpy and brave all the time, cancer or no cancer!

Fiona: This group is a supportive and safe place to connect with others. The weekly discussions are rich and show depth of thinking and understanding. The admin team ensure confidentially and screen to ensure appropriate content. I joined a few months after completing active treatment for primary breast cancer. The compassionate responses to my posts helped me so much in a time of confusion and distress. I thought I should be ‘better’ but reaching out to others helped me to understand that I wasn’t ….and that was ok because others weren’t ‘better’ either. BRiC has helped me to find a way forward out of that confusion. I think my membership of this group has been instrumental in achieving a deeper understanding of how a cancer diagnosis and treatment impacted upon me. It is a life line of support.

Suzannah: This has been and still is my safe space to be vulnerable and open as well as positive and upbeat. It’s the source of solid support and advice. It’s a maintenance programme for hope.

Amanda: I especially love the Sunday night discussions. The way Naz introduces them really makes you think about the topic on a deep level. It makes this group different to other support groups as it feels like a little therapy session where you can read others thoughts and compare them to your own. It is of course also great for chat and help from like minded ladies. Love it! Xx

Fiona: Must admit I had joined a few groups before finding BRIC, BRIC by far stands out. The unconditional support and care that you get at a time when you can feel very alone but also the support you get when things are great too. Having the weekly discussions is so helpful, a space where we can say what we feel, unedited and without judgement even if it isn’t the same as others feel, a space to be heard, I think it makes a huge difference having this space and means when we post other than in discussion we can be supported rather than have others feel they need to share their stuff when we need empathy.

Christine: You can support each other and help with problems we all go through xx

Jemma: Since joining the BRiC group following my bi-lateral TN primary breast cancer diagnosis , I have found unconditional , positive support at times when I was very low emotional, anxious points through my treatment, through the extremely traumatic experience of chemotherapy and here in this wonderful group I found support, shared experiences & open honest discussions Our sunday night discussions have varied in topic but I have found them hugely helpful , uplifting, emotional, honest & raw all of which have helped me to realise & see that I wasn’t alone in this lonely bubble of breast cancer….. We also share light hearted, funny shared experiences…. Like our chemo brain bloomers! … It surprised me how many different things we have put in our fridges! Ha ha …. I am happy to share my experience here with a wonderful group of ladies.

Rhian: I was towards the end of my journey when I found the group (BC twice,- lumpectomy then mastectomy when it came back in the same place) I love Sunday night discussions as there are so many things we can relate to and realise we are not alone.(especially the delicate matters). The Tuesday Tidings are great as you can share your highs and lows. That’s so important for people who are going through treatment to know that life does return to some form of normality. The group is caring, honest and there’s always someone to listen and/ or advise.

Susan: I have secondaries and this group has given me the opportunity to meet an amazing group of people who are there to support you through your high and low moments this journey brings you and I have had a few. The Sunday discussion are great as you can participate or observe from a distance.Let’s not forget the amazing admin team that offered above and beyond amazing support and encouragement xx

Helen: Found the group so so helpful when I needed advice, support or just somewhere to rant and moan and the discussions and info are always helpful and informative xx

Julie: I am 13 years clear from primary bc, but find this group so supportive and informative. There are some amazing strong women in this group who are facing tremendous battles with a horrible disese. This group is amazing.

Tina: It’s just nice to know there are others in the same boat as you and the fact that they’re managing to cope gives you strength to cope too (5 year from bc dx and 2 years from dx mets to bones and surviving still x)

Eilish: Would be lost without this site a fantastic place to ask about symptoms side effects etc i hate disturbing my bc nures for what to others would be something simple but for us can send us into a panic at least here everyone has either been there or is going there thanks all for all the info i have received.

Josephine: Amazing group, great support from lovely ladies who have shared the experience and understand where you are coming from. Sunday discussion really make you think, are very interesting and often cover subjects pertinent to all our situations. Life saver.

Diane Elizabeth: Amazing people on this page have helped me tremendously throughout an awful 12 months of treatment. Learning what to expect from women on the same journey. My amazing pink sisters. By far the best place for advice and encouragement. Bric rocks xx

Caroline: Great to have a place where we can be honest about how we really feel. Even thirteen years on from my first diagnosis I still feel in need of support at times. And this group is amazing for that and to know I’m not alone.

Shazz: I love the brutal honesty of the group. I find it educational and at times very sad and heart wrenching when members are scared or pass on. However, that is the reality I face and there is no where else I can express my feelings or opinions about my cancer as I can here. It’s my place of solace where I am just me and where my cancer doesn’t bring scorn, insincerity or condescending comments. BRIC rocks!!

Mary: I love the amazing support of all you wonderful ladies. I have mets to bone & brain. Although we all have the same fears there is always so much kindness & respect for one another. Love to you all xxx

Hilli: I joined the group reluctantly after a primary breast cancer which led to a mastectomy. I couldn’t have radiotherapy as my DCIS was right over my heart, mastectomy presented as the best surgical outcome with immediate reconstruction using Braxon sac and silicone implant. I felt guilty that I had ‘got away’ with it, as they’d judged it right so I did not need chemotherapy. However, that guilt began to impact on my emotional recovery, to the point that I blurted it all out on this site. The response came on wave after wave of unending support from the vastly different women on the BRiC site. I had been told, rightly, that my physical recovery would be much faster and my return to my physical work would be easier………..all true, if you discount the fact that all of the emotional issues, cancer worries, physical changes and drastic hormonal hell are all still immense hurdles and the shock of breast loss can cause PTSD amongst other mental health difficulties. The changed me is hacking her way back to a new kind of normality in no small part to the honesty and generosity of the women on the site. It’s such an immense, deeply affecting care that I’ve received from strangers, and because of these invaluable conversations, I in turn have been able to help other women locally with a BC diagnosis. I haven’t joined in the discussions because I feel I’ve not got that energy spare, yet…….. that’s also something I’ve truly learned, to be careful with myself. Thank you Naz and team BRiC, this site is amazing and more importantly, non-judgemental. Breast cancer is a crock of shit, no matter what the full diagnosis and this site gives you wings to fly, cuddles, sympathy, empathy and an opportunity to rant without fear of upsetting family or friends. It’s simply amazing. Xxx

Alison: A great group where you can voice both your worries and triumphs secure in the knowledge that someone somewhere knows exactly how you feel and it goes no further than the lovely people in this group. Thank you ,1 year on from TN primary diagnosis, chemo, mastectomy and radiotherapy

Carol: This group is amazing! I’m 3 years on primary breast cancer and find this group so supportive in every way. You never feel silly asking any question no matter how trivial.I never had support from BCN so if the the group wasn’t there to help I’d struggle.Sunday night discussions are great to take part in or just observe if you don’t feel like participating.Love BRIC xx

Deb: This group is fab has helped me with questions I needed answering. I am primary dx for the second time in 20 years.

Jenny: Dx 7 years ago with primary. I love the unconditional support that is so freely given. Even when members have different opinions and voice them, there is still the underlying respect for the other person, even while disagreeing with what was said. That makes this group very special indeed. Love you all xxx

Jennifer: I’ve only been a member of this group for a few months,I wish I had discovered it earlier. I’m a secondary BC lady who was diagnosed a year ago, had 5 months of chemo which worked well for me and now on Letrozole. I have learned so much more from reading the other ladies views and opinions that having a discussion with my oncologist this week about a mastectomy,I felt empowered to question him far more than I would normally. The support on this site is incredible and it’s good to know that there is somewhere that you can release and express your fears without feeling guilty that you are upsetting those closest to you.

Linda: It’s so lovely to feel hugged by people who REALLY understand every part of this journey xxx

Ruth: Primary and recurrence – last dx nearly 10 years ago. I’ve been in several groups and this is one in a million – inclusive, supportive and well organised – the discussions are an example of how the ‘resilience theme works.

Linda: Getting support from others and giving advice to others. You never feel alone.

Anita: 3 years since primary. This group is different, we go deeper, wider, higher. We laugh together and cry together. We explore the science bit and wrap it in a hug. Truly don’t know where I would be now, in my tangled mess of a head, without you all x

Wendy: Primary 2011, recurrence 2017. This group has been and is a fabulous support. It deals with all the issues in a kind and comforting way and is very helpful when the anxieties take over

Penny: My view of this group: A very special group of people who truly understand the ups, downs, true highs and true lows that follow a diagnosis of cancer. All questions and concerns can be raised. Nothing is off limits or too trivial. We share our highs and lows of life during treatment and the living with the repercussions in daily life after. This group has kept me sane in the early hours of the morning when sleep is non existent! The Sunday discussion is a great place to read and comment, and the summary is also a great read at a later date.

Bal: B-brilliant; R- respectful; I-intelligent/informative/inclusive; C-Caring. I joined in 2016 when I was going through treatment for primary bc,this was by chance…..it is a such life saver for support when you are at your lowest & in a very dark place…..group is just like having an extended family ‘where the choice ‘is ours & understanding each other, holding each other’s hands, regardless of who u are’; Last but not least Naz & co are such fabulous ladies who I have had the pleasure of meeting……you are all superb xx

Pauline: 16 months since dx primary breast cancer. This site has been amazing. If I’ve felt down I know I can talk on here and evéryone understands. If I need advice I know where to get it. Lovely friendly ladies very supportive x

Kate: Primary 2011. I am new to the group but certainly could have benefitted from the support post treatment. (Cast adrift was how I used to describe how I felt)…. not that I wasn’t grateful to our amazing Health Service and all the fantastic medical staff of BCH, but I had so many doubts and fears when the treatments were finished.

Sarah-Jane: This group is an amazing place to reach for support and friendship. I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in 2007. I didn’t search for any support groups through social media at that stage as I thought I could cope on my own. I’m not even sure if on line support groups were around at that time??? Since being involved in this group out posts are highly respected and understood my everyone. They understand you completely especially when you’re feeling low, we can all relate to each other. Naz is forward thinking and so clever and has supported me when I have asked her to. Our London meet up was a huge success and it felt natural to walk into a room of people we hadn’t met previously but instant friendships were made. Like many of us I dip in and out and every one that is involved feels like they add real value to the group.

Lynn: This group has been invaluable, I’ve made friends, lost friends, but we do it together, sharing our highs, sharing our lows – knowing that there is a group of people who are holding your hand, wiping your tears, sharing your laughs makes you feel your not on your own xx

Helen: I just discovered this group a few weeks ago. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011. I did have a lot of support during the treatment from friends, hospital staff, family… But since was so busy with family, life, recovering from treatment, I never took time to meet and discuss with other women who have BC. I start to be very depressed and seeing a psychologist. I discovered this wonderful group and find so much support just by reading post. I just have found the space where I can share my fears, my good news, my worries and be understood. A place where other women have similar experience, support each other. A place where I feel I am not alone anymore. I really enjoyed the Sunday discussion. Thanks you so much for this amazing group .

Carol: I was diagnosed 2014 DCIS, three ops to get a clear margin the reconstruction and reduction, support all the way then discharged with mammogram every year for five years, suddenly I felt abandoned. I found this group and it’s support a lifeline no longer felt alone, had a couple of scares as my GP is always ready to check out anything that could be a problem, all clear but was so glad of the group where I can voice my fears to others who understand. This group is so important to me and others, no need to be strong everyone understands and supports each other

Sue: i am new to the site but have noticed that love and positivity abounds, support is kind and sometimes informative, I have learnt a few things that I didn’t know in the last few weeks and have been thinking about recosnstruction in a serious way becasue of a link on here. I haven’t quite got to the discussions yet as I have been away but I am sure they will be equally helpful. X Good luck with the website.

Elizabeth: Primary 2014. A safe and supportive space for anyone with Primary or secondary cancer to share experiences, support each other with the mental and physical impact of breast cancer. I’ve found this group invaluable in celebrating the highs and supporting the lows. There’s support, love, humour, and lots of helpful information. And best of all, everyone just ‘gets it’, no explanation required.

Fran: Primary…..dx 3 years ago with treatment…..this group is unique as we are all in the same boat….we can relate to each other so well as we ve felt it, dealt it, or experienced it plus its unconditional support to each other no need to feel embarrassed or shy we are all able to say how it really is the naked truth with no judgement ….and it has helped too as I ve learned new things …I love the projects the discussions and even so I ve not met many of you I feel I know you….I love this group xxx.

Chris: I’ve learnt so much from the women who are part of this group. I think one of the biggest effects is the realisation that there are women still alive decades after their cancer has metastasised. There is such hope in the stories shared via BRIC. If I got a stage four diagnosis now I’d check out the stories here, which are about the little bit of hope left in Pandora’s Box.

Mary: I was introduced to this group by a friend a couple of months ago, wish I had found it when I was diagnosed in 7/2016, whenever I have posted the support has been amazing, I don’t have to pretend to protect others everyone on here just “gets it” and that is worth it’s weight in gold, so a big thank you to BRiC and all my Pink Warrior Sisters for just being there

Claire: Several years after my diagnosis I joined the group and realised I needed to grieve a little first before I could build my resilience x